WG1-WG4 Meeting at IDAD, University of Aveiro (Portugal), 13-15 October 2014

COST Action TD1105 EuNetAir has planned a Working Group (WG1-WG4) Meeting on New Sensing Technologies and Modelling for Air-Pollution Monitoring, that will take place at Institute for Environment and Development (IDAD), University of Aveiro, in Aveiro (Portugal) on 14 - 15 October 2014.

This Meeting will involve the Action partnership with European Speakers from Action, External International Experts, Young Researchers, Scientists, Practitioners, Stakeholders.

COST Action TD1105 EuNetAir has jointly organized the first Air Quality Joint-Exercise Intercomparison on Evaluation and Assessment of Environmental Gas/PM MicroSensors versus Standardised AQ Referenced Methods by Experimental Campaign of Air Quality Urban Monitoring to be held in Aveiro (Portugal) on 13 - 27 October 2014 under management of IDAD - Institute for Environment and Development, and University of Aveiro, coordinated by Prof. Carlos Borrego.

Air Quality Campaign at Aveiro city centre by an Air Quality Mobile Laboratory will be performed by continuous environmental measurements with standardized equipment and referenced analyzers: CO, NOx, O3, SO2, PM10, Benzene, VOC, temperature, humidity, wind velocity/direction, solar radiation, precipitation (rain).

All COST Action EuNetAir partners are kindly invited to install their micro-sensors and sensor-systems side-by-side with air quality standardized equipment in the IDAD Mobile Laboratory to perform the 2-week AQ experimental campaign at Aveiro city for air quality urban monitoring.

Main objectives:

  • Evaluate AQ micro-sensors measurements versus standardised AQ referenced methods.
  • Study and assessment of protocols and methods devoted to low-cost gas sensors and PM detectors for AQC with definitions of guidelines for standards.
  • Develop guidelines for AQ micro-sensors comparison against standardised AQ methods.
  • Establish joint-publications and networking activities (e.g., meeting on results, others).

  • Location: Aveiro city centre - urban traffic location (Portugal).
    Duration of AQ campaign: 2 weeks
    Dates of AQ campaign: 13 - 27 October 2014
    Environmental Measurements: Air Quality Mobile Laboratory - Continuous measurements with standardised equipment: CO, NOx, O3, SO2, PM10, Benzene, VOC, temperature, humidity, wind velocity/direction, solar radiation, precipitation (rain).
    Local Organization: IDAD - Institute of Environment and Development (Prof. Carlos Borrego, Dr. Ana Margarida Costa).
    Invited Participants: AQ sensors producers, research and innovation teams, environmental technologies manufacturers, practitioners, young researchers, scientists from EuNetAir partnership and External Experts.
    Support from Action: financial support for travelling costs, accommodation, meals, STSMs. No funding for research is permitted for Joint-Exercise Intercomparison.
    Output: Joint-publications, meeting on results, others.

    A Call for Participation (see attached pdf file) has been opened to invite producers/manufacturers of high-performance AQ devices and researchers/scientists from Action partnership and MoU-signed Countries including NNC approved institutions.
    An Application Form (see attached doc file) as Technical Draft (containing: Name of Participant Institution; Names of the Institution Members that will travel to Aveiro; Requests/Specifications for Sensors/Equipment Installation; Gas/Variables Measured; Other Remarks) is requested from the interested Researchers/Experts to be submitted to the Action management by the deadline of 30 September 2014 to:

  • Michele Penza, Action Chair, ENEA, Brindisi, Italy: michele.penza@enea.it
  • Carlos Borrego, Local Organizer, IDAD, Aveiro, Portugal: cborrego@ua.pt
  • Ana Margarida Costa, Local Co-Organizer, IDAD, Aveiro, Portugal: amcosta@ua.pt

  • More info can be downloaded from the links below (if available):

  • Call for Participation
  • Application Form

  • All Presentations given at Group Meeting on 13 October from Joint-Exercise Teams will be uploaded in Action webpages using the following COST template (pptx):

  • COST Template Joint-Exercise (file pptx)

  • In addition, 2-page Abstracts are requested in a Template (WORD file) for a Booklet of the International Workshop to be distributed to the participants and to be published in these webpages, as pdf format, after event. Deadline for Abstracts of Booklet: 30 September 2014. To download Template (doc file) of Abstract for Booklet, here:

  • 2-page Abstract (WORD file) for Booklet (Template) (file word)

  • All Presentations (Invited Talks, Oral and Poster Presentations) will be uploaded after event in the Action webpages, as pdf file, for dissemination and outreach. To download Template (pptx file) for Presentations, here:

  • Template COST to be used for meeting Invited/Oral presentations (file pptx)

  • Practical Information on transportation and how to reach the venue of WG Meeting and the 1st EuNetAir AQ Joint-Exercise Intercomparison in Aveiro (Portugal) is available for the participants here:








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