Focus Group Meeting

at WHO-CC - Federal Environment Agency
Berlin, 17 April 2015

COST Action TD1105 EuNetAir has planned a Focus Group Meeting on Data Analysis of Aveiro Air Quality Sensors Intercomparison, that will take place at WHO Collaborating Centre (CC) for Air Quality Management and Air Pollution Control - Federal Environment Agency (FEA), UBA, in Berlin (Germany) on 17 April 2015.

This Meeting will interest the Action partnership mainly experts, researchers and scientists already involved in the Aveiro Joint-Exercise Intercomparison in order to setup and process the Aveiro AQ Sensors Database, as collected during the experimental campaign (13-27 October 2014) in Aveiro by the Air Quality Mobile Laboratory, provided by IDAD, performing continuous environmental measurements with standardized equipment and referenced analyzers: CO, NOx, O3, SO2, PM10, Benzene, VOC, temperature, humidity, wind velocity/direction, solar radiation, precipitation/rain.

This Focus Group Meeting in Berlin is under local management of the Dr. Hans-Guido Muecke, WHO CC - FEA, Berlin.

Local Host Organization Manager:
Dr. Hans-Guido Muecke
Corrensplatz 1, 14195 Berlin - Germany
Tel.: +49 30 8903 1281
Fax: +49 30 8903 1283
FEA/UBA homepage:
WHO-CC webpages:


An Aveiro Measurements Database Folio (see attached xlsx file) has been prepared to invite ALL Aveiro Intercomparison Participants to fill properly team-by-team the attached excel folio in order to manage the building Aveiro Database in the EuNetAir webpages at the Members Area.

This EuNetAir Database will be useful for further analysis and processing from Action teams and involved experts/participants.

The filled Aveiro Measurements Database Folio is requested from the Researchers/Experts involved in the Aveiro Intercomparison (13-27 October 2014) and to be submitted to the Action management by the deadline of 17 April 2015 to:

  • Michele Penza, Action Chair, ENEA, Brindisi, Italy:
  • Carlos Borrego, Local Organizer, IDAD, Aveiro, Portugal:
  • Ana Margarida Costa, Local Co-Organizer, IDAD, Aveiro, Portugal:
  • Valerio Pfister, Webmaster team, ENEA, Brindisi, Italy:

  • To download Excel Folio Template (xlsx file) for Database from Aveiro participants, here:

  • Template to be used for Aveiro Sensors EuNetAir Database (file xlsx)

    All Presentations given in the COST template at the Focus Group Meeting will be uploaded, after event, in the Action webpages, as pdf file, for dissemination and outreach.
    To download Template (pptx file) for Presentations, here:

  • Template COST to be used for meeting presentations (file pptx)

  • Practical Information on transportation and how to reach the venue of the Focus Group Meeting in Berlin (Germany) are available for the participants.
    Link to the map of the Meeting Venue UBA Dahlem Offices at Corrensplatz 1, 14195 Berlin:
    To download Practical Information for orientation and on how to get there, please, see:

  • Practical Information to reach the meeting venue (file pdf)

    Please, download the listed files from the following links, if available.





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