Lab.: Department of Functional Materials
Org.: University of Bayreuth
Country: Germany
Tel. (+49) 0921–55–7401 - Fax (+49) 0921–55–7405
e-Mail Ralf.Moos@Uni–

Brief Curriculum Vitae

Prof. Ralf Moos received a Diploma degree in electrical engineering in 1989 and a Ph.D. degree from the University of Karlsruhe, Germany, where he conducted research on defect chemistry of titanates. He joined Daimler in 1995 and worked in the serial development of exhaust gas aftertreatment systems. In 1997, he switched over to Daimler Research. As a leader of the gas sensor team, he headed several projects in the field of exhaust gas sensing. In 2001, he was appointed head of the department of Functional Materials (Chair) of the University of Bayreuth. His main research interests are materials, systems, and concepts for gas sensing and exhaust gas aftertreatment. Prof. Moos is Editor of “Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical”. He was the Organizer of the 14th Intl. Meeting on Chemical Sensors 2012 – IMCS 2012 (Nuremberg, Germany) and chairs the executive steering committee of IMCS. He is member of the advisory board of the German sensor conferences held annually in Nuremberg.

Areas of Research

gas sensors, exhaust gas afterteatment, materials for gas sensors, emission reduction

Research Keywords

gas sensors, exhaust gas afterteatment, autmotive sensors, catalyst state monitoring, on–board diagnosis, UEGO, Diesel particulate filters

Areas of Future Interest

energy conversion

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