Org.: Agricultural University of Iceland
Country: Iceland
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Brief Curriculum Vitae

Arngrímur Thorlacius, C. V.

Born, Reykjavík, Iceland 17/9 1956.

University of Iceland, 1978 –1980.
Technical University of Denmark, 1980–1983.
University of Bergen, 1983–1987.
Cand. scient. diploma in analytical chemistry 1984
Dr.scient diploma in analytical chemistry 1995

Head dpt. of chemical analysis, Agricultural Res. Inst. in Reykjavík, 1987–1997.
Senior Res. Scientist at Borregaard Industries, Norway, 1997–2000.
Res. Scientist at the Keldnaholt Centre of Chemical Analysis in Reykjavík, 2000–2003.
Associate Professor at the Agric. University of Iceland since 2004.
National Borard member of the Nordic Methods Committee of Food Analysis, 1993–1997.
Borard member for Analytical Agricultural Chemistry of the Nordic Association of Agricultural Scientists, 1995–1998.
Chairman of the Østfold division of the Norwegian Chem. Soc. 1999– 2000.
Chairman organizing the 19th NASTEC Conference, Laugarvatn, Iceland, 2007.

Areas of Research

Inorganic analytical chemistry, air pollution modelling

Research Keywords

Multivariate models, trace analysis, Analytical quality assurance, sulphur analysis

Areas of Future Interest

Further development of multivariate models emphazising non–destructive analytical techniques.

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