Lab.: Lab for Measurement Technology
Org.: Saarland University
Country: Germany
Tel. +49 681 302 2256 - Fax +49 681 302 4665
e-Mail t.sauerwald@lmt.uni–
Web http://www.lmt.uni–

Brief Curriculum Vitae

Tilman Sauerwald received his diploma in physics at the University of Giessen in 2003. Subsequently he was working on the influence of surface reaction to the multi–signal generation of metal oxide sensors at the University of Giessen receiving his PhD in 2007. He has worked in the field of nanostructured sensor material and bio–inspired sensor systems. Currently he is working as a researcher at the Lab of Measurement Technology at the Saarland University. His current focus is the detection of trace gases and the automated surveillance of the sensor function. His general scientific interests are the development of gas sensors and the techniques of (non–equilibrium) multi–signal generation.

Areas of Research

Semiconductor gas sensors and sensor systems. Detection of sub ppm concentrations, surveillance of sensor function

Research Keywords

gas sensor nanomaterial, virtual multisensor

Areas of Future Interest

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