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  • Sensors based on complex perovskitic structures for detection and identification of hazardous substances.
  • H2S Semiconductor sensors
  • Electrochemical cells to determine H2S in water.
  • Screen printed electrodes for the determination of metal ions in wastewater.
  • ASV (anodic stripping voltametry) for determination of metal ions from wastewater using screen printed electrodes (carbon nanotubes,graphene)
  • Electrical characterization of thin–film gas sensors.
  • Design, Implementation, Testing of Gas Sensors.
  • Design and implementation of sensor–systems for air quality control.

  • Manufacture of oxide semiconductor sensors for toxic gas– production–line.
  • Testing, calibration of gas sensors.
  • Developing programs for environmental monitoring software.
  • Implementation of SCADA systems for air quality control.
  • Deposition of oxide layers:
    • The PLD technique Neocera type (available in our laboratory) used for deposition consists of a vacuum chamber (p=1.4x10–6torr) and optical laser system.
    • Sputtering in RF,piroliza,etc
  • Characterisation:
    • X–ray diffractometer Bruker D8 Advance
    • Atomic absorption spectrometer ZEENIT 700
    • UV–VIS spectrometer, system for measuring elastic properties of thin films
    • AFM Park system with modules (nanoindentation, Electrical Enhanced cu Amplificator Lock–in, Force Modulation Microscopy, CAFM, Ultra Low–Current CAFM, Magnetic Force Microscopy, nanolithography, Scanning Thermal Microscopy)


Lab.: Gas Sensors
Org.: IPA SA –CIFATT Craiova
Country: Romania
Tel. +40 722350648 - Fax +40 251418882


IONICA Radu Adrian
Lab.: Gas Sensors
Org.: IPA SA –CIFATT Craiova
Country: Romania
Tel. +40 730760875 - Fax +40 251418882

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