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IMNR has a strategic position in the field of non–ferrous metallurgy. IMNR aims to be a leader institute in the field of non–ferrous metals metallurgy research and applications, focused on responding with highest quality services to client needs. Innovation and know–how transfer is the core of research activity in IMNR. Integrity and engagement for excellence are the features of our activity and organizational culture.

General objective of ICDMNR IMNR
The general objective of IMNR encompasses the development of the institute to become a national leader in the field of science and technology of materials based on non–ferrous metals and fully integrated in European Research Area.

Scientific directions:
Considering the experience of three groups: Ecotechnology and Environmental Protection, Nanostructured Materials and New Advanced Materials and Technologies with the support of Physical–Chemical Analysis and Microscopic Characterization, a joint research line was formulated in IMNR aiming to the development of the non–ferrous metals based materials for high tech applications, the enhancement of the metal resources use and recovery rate of secondary non–ferrous metals based resources.

Research activities:

  • Nanomaterials
    • Efficient synthesis and manufacturing of nanomaterials by new environmentally friendly operations, smart integration of new and existing processes to ensure the efficient transfer of knowledge into industrial innovation. This will enable the transition towards a green economy that takes into account the sustainable use of resources.
    • Fundamentally new products enabling sustainable solutions in medical, energy and extreme conditions field applications
    • Advancing scientific knowledge of the potential impact of nanomaterials on health or on the environment, and identifying tools for risk assessment along the life cycle
    • Develop the capacity to measure/characterize the properties of non–ferrous metals based nanomaterials and predictive modelling of their manufacturing processes enabling their rapid introduction on the market
  • Environmental protection and sustainable supply of non–energy metal resources:
    • Research to develop new innovative technologies and solutions for sustainable growth of resources and for the substitution of critical metals and materials
    • Research to identify innovative recycling and re–use technologies for non–ferrous metals based raw materials which are the key for smart and sustainable growth of non–ferrous metals industry. Multidisciplinary approaches involving science, technology, and the economic aspects are envisaged.
    • Research to develop new technologies and materials for waste water purification in order to improve metal recovery and reduce hazardous emissions
    • Research to identify innovative solutions for waste prevention and minimization in non–ferrous metals industry and rehabilitation of sites polluted from metallurgical activities
  • Advanced Materials
    • Research on functional materials, multifunctional materials and structural materials, for innovation in energy and extreme conditions industrial sectors
    • Research and development for innovative techniques of manufacturing advanced non–ferrous metals based materials and to identify solutions for the substitution of raw materials by economically attractive alternatives with a lower environmental impact
    • Characterization, non–destructive evaluation and predictive modelling of performance for progress in non–ferrous metals based materials science and engineering
  • Microscopic Chracterisation ( certified methods)
    • Qualitative microscopic analysis of stones, ores, slag, fly ashes, ceramic materials, metals, alloys, metal matrix composites, ceramic matrix composites
  • Physical–Chemical Analysis
    • classical quantitative chemical analysis, XRD analysis ( XRD analysis of nanobiomaterials is certified), compositional analysis of stones, ores, slag, fly ashes, ceramic materials, metals, alloys, metal matrix composites, ceramic matrix composites, waste waters by AAS, ICP, DCP (AAS analysis of nanobiomaterials is certified), gases analysis (C, H, N) in metallic non–metallic materials; complex thermal analysis and thermal assesment of complex systems.

  • Complex installation for the hydrothermal–electrochemical synthesis of nanocrystalline materials–thin films and powders ( Cortest autoclave sytem and potentiostate/galvanostate – Radiometer PGZ100/ Voltalab 10 and Booster)
  • Laboratory spin coater KW–4A type
  • Installation for nanostructured powders processing/sintering (hydraulic press 25 tf, electric furnace with digital programmer – CARBOLITE, laboratory tubular furnace – MHI, USA; Pascal type mill with ceramic balls)
  • Differential scanning calorimeter – DSC200F3Maia Netszch
  • High performance FT–IR Spectrometer–ABB (ZnSe window)
  • UV–VIS Spectrometer – PG Instruments T90+
  • Laser granulometer with zeta potential and accessories, Malvern ZS90
  • Portable device for determining heavy metals in soil
  • Induction melting installation
  • Upright Microscope with polarized transmitted and reflected light
  • X–ray diffractometer Bruker D8 Advance
  • Optical emission spectrometer inductively coupled plasma – Spectroflame ICP
  • Complex thermal analysis apparatus SETSYS EVOLUTION
  • Scratch test Nanovea
  • Hydrothermal autoclave Berghoff, 5.5L, 300 dg C, pressure 200 atm
  • 1L stainless steel/Teflon autoclave (SAM)
  • Spray dryer LABPLANT, UK


PITICESCU Roxana Mioara
Lab.: Nanostructured Materials Laboratory
Org.: National R&D Institute for Non–ferrous and Rare Metals (INCDMNR–IMNR)
Country: Romania
Tel. +40 21 3522046 - Fax +40 21 3522049


RUSTI Cristina Florentina
Lab.: Nanostructured Materials Laboratory
Org.: National R&D Institute for Non–Ferrous and Rare Metals
Country: Romania
Tel. +40 213522046 - Fax +40 213522049

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