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Air Pollution

  • Assessments of personal exposure to air pollution in the urban environment
  • GIS pollution models
  • Air Pollution Control Technologies:Development of energy efficient air pollution control devices, Investigation of passive controls for air pollution in the urban environment
  • Validation of air dispersion models for road and industrial sources
  • Transport impacts on the Environment
  • Background concentrations monitoring for monitoring air pollution
  • Monitoring ambient hydrocarbons
  • Global environmental monitoring and health impacts
  • Development of emissions estimation and prediction models from real time trip based data

Water & Waste Water Treatment
  • Solar disinfection of drinking water
  • On–site wastewater treat
  • Constructed wetlands for domestic and agricultural wastewater treatment

Sustainable Energy
  • Modelling carbon tax policy: Assessment of the impacts of carbon tax policy on CO2 emissions in the transport sector
  • Research and development of drain water heat recovery systems

Hydrogeology and Hydrology
  • Investigation of the linkages between groundwater quality, potential health risks, consumer awareness and well construction for private ground–water schemes.

Fluid Dynamics
  • Residence Time Distribution modelling to characterise the hydraulic efficiency of reactor networks
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling of Environmental Systems: Air pollution dispersion, Air pollution control, Water treatment systems, Energy recovery systems

Noise pollution:
  • Noise modeling
  • Noise monitoring and assessment
  • Virtual auditory environments

Smart Cities:
  • Dissemination of results from environmental studies
  • Mobile ad–hoc network of sensors
  • Pervasive environmental sensing


PILLA Francesco
Lab.: Environment research group
Org.: Trinity College Dublin
Country: Ireland
Tel. +353 857051836 - Fax

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