Partners: University of Cambridge, Department of Chemistry

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  • Fundamental atmospheric physics and chemistry, inlcuding tropospheric and stratospheric chemistry and dynamics, climate change, air pollution, atmospheric kinetics, numerical modelling.
  • Atmospheric observations, novel measurement technqiues and measurement platforms.
  • Atmospheric sensors and sensor networks, sensor network design. COnstruction and deployment of air quality sensors and sensor networks, both mobile and static. Sensor network calibration methodologies, data mining. data display/mapping techniques.

  • Laboratory test facilities for calibrating gas sensors for air quality measurements, including envionmental effects; Laboratory test facilities for calibrating aerosol/particulate measurements. Field testing capability for sensor nodes for monitoring urban air quality including gas phase and particulates.
  • Design, develeopment and construction factilities for instruments for measuring atmospheric composition and structure; Design and construction factilities for sensor nodes as part of sensor networks, including software/firmware.
  • The department has wide ranging facilities for atmospheric measurements, laboratory kinetics and numerical modelling on scales from local to global.

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