Partners: ICMUB–University of Burgundy

  • Expertise & Current Research Activities

  • Facilities

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  • Molecular materials: synthesis (phthalocyanines, porphyrins), solution processing, hybrid molecular materials combining polymers and macrocycles
  • Molecular semiconductor – based devices: resistor, diode, transistor, heterojunction, sensor
  • Chemical sensors: ozone, ammonia, BTX, effect of humidity
  • Electrochemical biosensors: DNA, odorants

  • synthesis and solution processing facilities
  • ozone analyzer/generator
  • vacuum chamber, spin–coater
  • picoammeters
  • workbench for exposure to ammonia, under relative humidity in the 0–100% range
  • workbench for exposure to COVs
  • UV–Vis, FTIR, X–rays diffraction
  • AFM, MEB, XPS: in another laboratory of the university (ICB)


Org.: University of Burgundy
Country: France
Tel. +33 380396086 - Fax +33 380396098
e-Mail marcel.bouvet@u–

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