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The Institute of Public Health of Belgrade has approximately 400 employees: 67 medical doctors of various specialties and a great number of health care associates with high school education– chemical engineers, chemists, biologists, environment protection engineers, pharmacists and programmers, who contribute to professional and scientific approach to the health and environmental protection and promotion. After a year of preparation, the Institute has accomplished a process of standardization to SRPS/ ISO 9001:2001 and SRPS/ ISO 14001:2004.

Center for Hygiene and Human Ecology:
Multidisciplinary teams prepare, make plans and set up programs for monitoring of the environmental media: air, water and soil in urban and rural settlements. Registers, collect and evaluates data about health risk factors present in the environment, and give recommendations for preventive and mitigation measures. The Center monitors the level of communal noise.
Laboratory for Human Ecology and Ecotoxicology:
Laboratory for Human Ecology and Ecotoxicology was among the first In Republic of Serbia to be accredited according to ISO 17025. Laboratory determines a large number of inorganic and organic compounds in samples of air, water, soil, sediments and biological material. IPH laboratory is one of the most advanced in the field of the environmental trace analysis.
Laboratory has some of the most sophisticated and advanced instrumentation on the market in accordance with EN ISO/SRPS 17025. IPH Laboratory carries out sampling and analysis, instrument calibration, maintenance and international inter–calibration.

Center for Eco–toxicology:
Deals with examination of hazardous wastes, determines characterization and categorization of it, gives recommendations for handling, and treatment of solid and liquid waste, performs collecting, recycling, destroying and final disposal of medical waste form medical and other health institutions. Center has been appointed responsible for the function of Ecotoxicological Center for the city of Belgrade.Formed Mobile Ecotoxicological Units (MEJ) take active part in prevention, and preparedness to chemical accidents, gives measures for remediation, and sanitation.

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Lab.: Laboratory for human ecology and ecotoxicology
Org.: Institute of Public Health of Belgrade
Country: Serbia
Tel. +38163 8511614 - Fax +31811 324 1212

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