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  • Air quality studies and personal exposure assessment, in indoor and outdoor environments;
  • Field studies in different types of environments: rural, urban, industrial;
  • Use of sensor networks and mobile sensing techniques for air quality monitoring and for monitoring personal exposure to air pollution;
  • Assessment of low–cost sensors for use in outdoor environment;
  • Estimation of pollutant levels using low cost noise sensors and low cost gas sensors;
  • Use of pattern recognition and machine learning techniques to analyse response of multi–sensor systems.

  • Lab facilities for indoor and outdoor air quality and organic and inorganic gas analysis:
  • Fully equipped analytical laboratories for organic air pollutants
  • Test gas generation infrastructure and exposure chambers;
  • On field instruments for indoor and outdoor air pollution monitoring:
  • Reference outdoor gas monitors for NO, NO2 and NOx, CO; O3 and SO2;
  • Broad range of stationary and portable monitors for outdoor and indoor PM and ultrafine particles (UFP) monitoring
  • PM 1, PM2.5 and PM10 – Partisol, Grimm, Dusttrak(portable)
  • Size resolved UFP counts – SMPS – CPC, UFP monitor;
  • UFP counts – Grimm Nanocheck; CPC; P–track(portable)
  • EC/OC reference monitor
  • Black Carbon portable micro–aethalometer.


Lab.: Environmental Risk and Health Unit
Org.: VITO
Country: Belgium
Tel. +32 14335372 - Fax

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