Partners: J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

  • Expertise & Current Research Activities

  • Facilities

  • Participant

  • AFM methods
  • laser spectroscopic methods
  • new micro–mechanical elements and functional materials
  • its potential impact in sensing applications
  • laser analytics
  • trace gas analytics
  • environmental studies

  • all scanning probe microscopy (SPM) measurements – STM/AFM both ex–situ and in–situ – research related to carbon nanostructures – fullerenes and nanotubes
  • STM/AFM and AFM instrumentation Multimode Nanoscope IIIa extended for low–current (picoamp)
  • STM/AFM and Dimension Icon (both Bruker, USA) capable to work in liquids as well
  • UV–Vis and FTIR spectroscopy
  • Raman spectrometer (LabRam HR Horiba Jobin Yvon, France, interfaced to Olympus BX41 and InVia Reflex spectrometer Renishaw) excited at 633 and 785 nm, respectively, allowing microraman
  • excimer and dye laser (Lambda Physik) for pulsed irradiation (193 – 790 nm, pulse length ˜28 ns)
  • laser kinetic spectrometer (Applied Photophysics) for measurement of time–resolved emission and absorption spectra (200 – 900 nm)
  • tunable CO2 lasers
  • laser–diode spectrometers for NIR and IR regions
  • Fourier transform spectrometer Bruker IFS 120 HR with high spectral resolution limited by Doppler broadening (0.002 cm–1) and with broad spectral range 500–10000 cm–1
  • Bolometer for extention of FTIR spectrometer to THz region


Lab.: Department of spectroscopy
Org.: J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry AS CR
Country: Czech Republic
Tel. +420 266053046 - Fax +420 286582307
e-Mail zelinger@jh–

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