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Novel gas sensing principles:

  • dosimeter–type gas sensors
  • thermoelectric gas sensors
  • zeolite–based gas sensors
  • low temperature mixed–potential–based sensors
  • pulsed polarization–type sensors

  • Preparation of functional materials: all types of multiscale powder preparation for gas sensors and catalysts, preparation of screen–printable pastes by three–roll mill
  • Characterization of materials: Scanning electron microscope SEM with EDX–System, optical microscopes and hot stage microscope, perthometer, pycnometer
  • Sensor preparation by thick film technology: high–precision printing, screen printing systems and thick–film furnace, laser patterning for fine line structures
  • Aerosol deposition (room temperature impact consolidation, RTIC)
  • Low–temperature co–fired ceramic (LTCC) technology: Frequency tripled Nd:YAG Laser, isostatic lamination press
  • Gas sensor characterization:
    • 8 gas test benches for synthetic exhaust simulation
    • Electrical characterization by high performance impedance spectroscopy (five machines), digital multimeters
    • Electrochemical characterization (cyclovoltammetry; CV)
  • Characterization of catalyst behavior: gas analysis systems like FTIR, FID. CLD, NDIR, paramagnetic O2, UV–NH3 analysis
  • Characterization of catalysts by radio frequency (microwave–based)
  • Engine test bench – dynamometer (diesel and gasoline)
  • Simulation software (Comsol Multiphysics) with almost all modules for various purposes


Lab.: Department of Functional Materials
Org.: University of Bayreuth
Country: Germany
Tel. (+49) 0921–55–7401 - Fax (+49) 0921–55–7405
e-Mail Ralf.Moos@Uni–


Lab.: Department of Functional Materials
Org.: University of Bayreuth
Country: Germany
Tel. (+49) 0921–55–7458 - Fax (+49) 0921–55–7405
e-Mail Daniela.Schoenauer–Kamin@Uni–

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